I didn't watch every minute of the George Zimmerman Trial,but I tried to stay informed as much as possible.I was watching when the verdict came in late Saturday night. Was I  surprised at the verdict?  Not really.The justice system has not been kind to African-Americans over the years.

I think there were a number of factors that led to George Zimmerman being found not guilty. First of all,  not guilty doesn't mean innocent. It means the jury had some doubt about what happened the night Trayvon Martin was shot and killed and based on that they could not  send Zimmerman to jail.

I thought the state did a terrible job presenting their case.  The lack of African-Americans on the jury bothered me as well. After listening to juror B37 last night on  CNN  with  Anderson Cooper it became more clear to me that the definition and the rules as well as the wording given to the jury made their decision to convict almost impossible.

But even with all that, all I can think is:

A young black teenager walking home from a snack run lost his life, where is the justice?