Whose voice was it?  In the George Zimmerman trial, George's mother stated that it was her sons' voice that she heard on the 911 recording.  Trayvon's mother stated that the voice heard on the recording was that of Trayvon.

After watching the trial over the course of a few days, some questions that come to mind for me are...

1.  Why would a grown man be screaming in terror at the top of his lungs for help when it is he that is trained in law enforcement, and he's carrying a loaded weapon?

2.  Isn't it more likely that a trained law enforcement individual, who got straight A's in the course, would know how to handle and diffuse a situation such as this, especially when the person that he "suspects" is unarmed.

3.  At the time, George Zimmerman was twice the size of Trayvon, sooooooooo, is it conceivable that Trayvon would have overpowered him to the point that Zimmerman's life was in danger, keeping in mind again, that George is trained in law enforcement?

4.  Why didn't George just approach Trayvon, identify himself, and simply state his concerns rather than track him down like a criminal?

5.  Why did George lie and say he had never heard of the "stand your ground" law?  His instructor clearly stated that the subject had been covered in class.  What was George hiding?

Please share your thoughts and or concerns about this case.