Not sure how I didn't hear about this 'til now, but it's not too late to make your plans to attend The Texas Testicle Festival presented by Best of Texas in Fredericksburg, Texas on Saturday, March 5th.

Texas Testicle Festival

Coming up on Saturday, March 5, the Texas Testicle Festival will be held in Fredericksburg at Bankersmith at 7905 Old San Antonio Road from Noon to 5PM. Enjoy lots of fried animal testicles, music, and plenty of other great foods. For those who might be a bit squeamish on the "Oysters," other treats will be available like bone-in pork chops, barbecue ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, and ribeye steaks.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Ever had a "Rocky Mountain Oyster?" Don't be scared. It does take a certain amount of *ahem* balls to try these delicacies. Not sure who the first person was to try these out, but until you've had them, you'll never know what a true delicacy they are.

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Bull testicles, sheep testicles what ever you like: I'm no connoisseur, but may I suggest you try them a bit extra crispy with a squeeze of lemon and dipped in a extra spicy cocktail sauce? Don't knock it 'til you try it. You may find that you love those deep fried gonads more than you think you will.

Tickets for the Texas Testicle Festival

According to My San Antonio, You can get general admission tickets for $20 at the gate or $10 if purchased in advance. VIP admission is $65, and includes all-you-can-eat testicles. VIP tickets are $75 at the gate, so purchase those tickets early and save some $$.

Know Before You Go

It's always fun to watch someone eat a testicle for the first time, but some will have these tasty treats without even knowing what they are. The surprise can be a little overwhelming if you're unaware of what you're actually eating.

Enjoy those bull fries!

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