Remember the movie 'Vacation' when Clark Griswold had to drive his dead Aunt Edna home an leave her tied to the patio furniture in the rain?

Police in Arizona may have found the modern-day equivalent to the movie this week when they made a traffic stop on Interstate 10 and noticed a dead body sitting in the passenger seat of Rodney Puckett's car.

Police in Eloy, Arizona said that 70-year-old Rodney Puckett had his deceased wife's body sitting in the front passenger seat when they pulled his vehicle over. The body of 74-year-old Linda Puckett was placed into the car after she had apparently died during a stay at a hotel in Texas according to KWTX News 10.

Police made the call to arrest Puckett on suspicion of abandonment, concealment of a dead body. Nobody is sure if he has an attorney or not. Once under arrest, his wife's body was turned over to the Pinal County Medical Examiners Office so they could be sure of the cause of death.

It is unclear if Puckett was a part of foul play or if his wife died of natural causes and that he was just trying to get her back home to Oklahoma.

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