One of the most frustrating things in the world is to drive off from a fast food restaurant and discover that everything that you ordered is not in the bag. It can be infuriating but most of us have never gotten so enraged to the point of violence. But here's a story where one lady was so angry over her missing condiments that she resorted to said violence and earned herself a nomination for this week's #Hell2DaNawNaw Award.

Let's go to the tape courtesy of the Santa Ana Police Department:

According to the description given on the video by the police:

On 10/27/18 at approximately 11:00 PM, the suspect entered the McDonald’s restaurant from the employee back door and asked for ketchup. When the store manager said she could not be in the building, the suspect became combative. The suspect pushed, punched, and choked the victim. If you have any information as to the identity of this individual, please contact PIS L. Delisle at (714)245-8647 or Orange County Crime Stoppers at 1-855-TIP-OCCS.

You read that correctly folks, this lady was so upset over her missing ketchup that she stormed into the back of this McDonald's and attempted to choke the manager. I like ketchup just like everyone else but damn!

One interesting thing about this video when you fast forward to the 0:26 mark where one of the employees who is attempting to break up the fight, stops for a moment TO TAKE CARE OF THE DRIVE THRU CUSTOMER. Nevermind the brutal brawl happening right next to her, gotta keep the line moving.

Police are still searching for the suspect described as an hispanic female with brown hair, approx. 20-25 years old.

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