The Delta Variant of COVID-19 is bringing on some changes.

Super store Walmart has announced that they are revising their mask policy, once again requiring staff to mask up. Affective as of Friday, July 29th all employees in areas with high COVID-19 infection rates including those who are vaccinated are required to wear masks.

According to KWTX, Walmart is using the CDC's COVID-19 tracker to stay up to date with the-19 infection rates. As of right now Bell, Bosque Coryell, Freestone, Hamilton, Hill, Lampasas Leon, Limestone, McLennan, Milam, Navarro, Robertson and San Saba counties are showing high levels of community transmission.

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Although all employees are required to wear a mask, the company has yet to enforce the mask mandate for customers. Walmart is encouraging their shoppers to be mindful when shopping and to wear a mask if they can. They cite increased transmission of the delta variant of the virus as a reason to be cautious and mindful in stores.

In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, Walmart is also offering incentives for employees in all positions - $150 to get the vaccine.

Do you think more companies will follow suit and require employees to mask up?

Be safe out here!

UPDATE: Target has announced that employees at their stores will also be required to wear masks. KENS-TV reports that the company is strongly recommending mask use in areas (like Bell County) where transmission rates are currently high.



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