When you think of surfing, we generally think of Florida or Hawaii don't we? That or you think of beaches in general. What you might not immediately think of is Waco, Texas, but you absolutely should.

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Behold! Waco Surf!

Waco Surf isn't exactly a secret, but people new to the area (like me) and even some lifelong Central Texans may not know just how much cool stuff there is to do there.

The park opened in 2012, and just underwent renovations. When I reached out to them for some information, the friendly folks at Waco Surf responded with how long renovations went on, as well as what was added:

"We were pretty busy over the winter break updating and upgrading stuff across the whole campus," they wrote back. "Below is a snapshot of noticeable changes we made:

- Concrete berm added around outside of pool to keep sand from entering the surf lagoon
- Hotel refurbish and repaint, new outdoor deck floors
- Second wave facing VIP hotel suite built with 6 person occupancy
- Beach cabanas repainted and new furniture
- Surfside Shack menu changes, local Pinewood coffee specialty roast
- Heated hot tub built right on the beach
- 5 Wedge water slide cabanas added
- 2 full houses on property not available to public before now available to rent"

Let's take a look at Waco Surf park, shall we?

Just yes to all of this. The slide looks fun to get some air on. The lazy river will be perfect for me as well, because who doesn't want to float around for an hour and just tune out all the negativity of the world?

Another video showcases even more of what the park has to offer:

It wouldn't be a surf park without a surfing area, right?

Not only are there multiple ways to cool off, there's even a hotel to stay at! They thought of it all here, didn't they? They also have surf lessons for those who want to learn how to ride. That's always been a talent I've wanted to possess. But I'm unsure if I even have the balance to do such a thing. I definitely plan to head to Waco Surf and put that to the test.

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