Tuesday's rains were a welcome relief from the heat we've experienced lately, but they also created slick and dangerous conditions on our roadways, as evidenced by footage released by the Belton Police Department Wednesday.

Belton police and state troopers were working the scene of an 18-wheeler crash that occurred around 1:56 PM just south of Holland Road. At 2:45 PM, another 18-wheeler came careening off the highway.

If the officers hadn't heard a colleague yelling or been mindful of their surroundings, they very well could have been flattened. Yikes!

Paul Romer with the City of Belton reports that no serious injuries occurred. Thank goodness for that. Did you see how close that second truck was to where the officers were standing? This could have been a deadly incident.

Our partners at News 10 report that a line of storms approaching from the west could bring rains to Central Texas tonight. They also expect good rain chances on Friday and throughout the weekend and into next week.

Whether you've been driving regularly or you're just getting back on the road after isolating due to COVID-19, please be mindful of the wet conditions and take it easy out there. Also, always be on the lookout for emergency vehicles and personnel when it's wet out, and give them plenty of space. Rubbernecking is a good way to become involved in whatever crash or incident you're trying to get a look at, so just don't do it.

Thank you to all the first responders out there risking your necks every day to keep us safe.

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