A$AP Rocky and Nelly were trending this morning after an old interview of the Harlem native claiming he revived the Nike Air Force 1 trend resurfaced on Twitter. Shortly after, sneakerheads and hip-hop fans used an old Nelly track to debunk his claims.

On Wednesday (April 22), Twitter users dug up Rocky's 2015 Oxford Union Q&A, the university's speaking and debating society since 1823. In the hour-long interview, he takes credit for making Air Force 1s popular after 2011.

"Coming out with the Air Force 1 thing, man, I lie to you not," Rocky said. "You can ask my manager, it was all premeditated. I said, listen, I'm gonna wear these wack sneakers. It was 2011. I said I'ma wear these wack sneakers just to test the scene."

In response to the five-year-old claims, more than 45,000 tweets were made referencing the Nellyville classic "Air Force Ones" featuring Kyjuan, Ali Jones and Murphy Lee.

In 2002, Nelly paid tribute to the all-white sneaker rapping, "Give me two pairs/(’Cause) I need two pairs/(So I) can get to stompin’ in my Air Force 1s/Big boys’ in my Air Force 1s."

But fans didn't stop there, after offering lyrical proof of Nelly's loyalty to the Nike shoe, social media users backed up their claims with memes and gifs, joking about Rocky's statement.

While neither Nelly nor Rocky would've guessed that this is why they would be the topic of conversation today, both men have been seen rocking the classic shoe.

Nelly and A$AP Rocky have yet to respond to the recent sneaker debate.

Check out A$AP's full interview below, his statements start at the 42-minute mark.

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