(Killeen, Texas): If you have ever wondered how all of those wreaths get placed on all of the graves at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery, or if you ever wanted to be a part of the annual wreath laying, here's how. The Friends of Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery has announced their Wreaths for Vets Events.

First There's The Prep

Wreath Preparation will begin Saturday, November 19, at 10am at the Killeen Special Events Center. This activity can last up to 2 hours depending on the turn-out of volunteers. So, bring a friend and spread the word.
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Then You Lay

The wreath laying ceremony will begin on Saturday, November 26, at 10am
at the Central TX State Veterans Cemetery. Parking is going to be at Texas A&M Central Texas. There will be shuttle buses running from 8am - noon, so you don't have to worry about transport. Please do not park on I-95 though.
If you are a biker who wants to escort your wreaths to the cemetery, please meet at the Killeen Special Events Center at 7am. Family members will be laying wreaths on their loved ones graves first. Volunteers will lay the remaining wreaths until every grave has one.

Wreath Retrieval

Wreath retrieval will be Saturday, January 14, at 10am at the Central TX State Veterans Cemetery. Parking will again be at Texas A&M Central Texas, and the shuttle buses will run from 8:30am - noon.

This is an amazing opportunity. If you plan to be a part of one, or all of these events, for more information and how you can get involved, you can visit the Wreaths For Vets Facebook Page, or click here.


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