Here in Killeen, Texas we definitely want to make sure that our soldiers are well taken care of. Fort Hood is the largest base and down to the street from most cities in Central Texas, we take a lot of pride in knowing that the majority of Central Texas consists of the military.

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Piggie Harris/ Canva
Piggie Harris/ Canva


I think it’s very important that we take care of our soldiers as much as possible but we don’t forget that we also have veterans that need just as much attention as well. A lot of times veterans are counted out and I just don’t think that that is fair. There are a lot of veterans who cannot function or are not exactly sure where to get the proper care and that’s why I am so grateful for veteran affairs. I spoke with a lot of veterans who say they have issues making it to the temple office and I am so excited to announce that I saw that they are now building a United Department of Veterans Affairs Clinic here in Killeen Texas.

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This amazing building which was founded on March 15, 1989, is a branch department of the federal government charged with providing lifelong health care services to old women military veterans at the 170 VA Medical Center outpatient clinics located throughout the country, and Killeen has finally made the list. There is no real detail on when the clinic itself will be open but once it is, I will make sure to let all of Central Texas know! Here at My kiss 1031, we support the troops and of course the veterans!

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