What's worse than unsportsmanlike conduct at a local High School Football Game? How about having to be a parent in the stands watching your kid get their head slammed into the ground over and over?

Pretty awful. This was the case September 13th when University High School faced off against Burleson. The video above shows a University football player take a Burleson freshman and slam his head into the ground three times. The player's mother posted the videos on social media. What's worse is the fact her son was targeted by multiple players from the opposing team on more than one occasion.

Gower said she had remained patient while waiting for a Waco ISD decision on the matter but became upset when the player who gave her son a concussion was back on the field the following week against another opponent. Waco ISD told Fox 4, "Obviously, we do not condone the behavior depicted in the videos posted on Facebook. The player faced consequences mandated by UIL and additional consequences imposed by the district."

One thing we know is that Jagger Gower is one tuff kid to take that kind of abuse on the field and continue to play the game as he did. We wish him a speedy recovery and a successful remainder to the season ahead.

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