Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than a speeding ticket.

It's no secret that the smaller the town, the more aggressive the local police department can be on issuing speeding tickets. I get it really - the town needs some source of revenue, and speeding tickets are certainly a way to get some.

That said, these numbers are pretty shocking.

A report from the Houston Chronicle analyzed traffic stop data from more than 2,500 police departments here in Texas and found some interesting numbers you should be aware of.

The report showed a graphic that listed the top 21Texas towns in 2020 where the police department pulled over more than 500 motorist per officer, and the numbers blew my mind. Four Central Texas cities showed up on the list, with two of those cities topping that list.

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In at number 11 on the list is Bruceville-Eddy. The police department there showed 684 total stops per officer in 2020. Of the 684 stops made by Bruceville-Eddy PD, 1,336 citations were issued. Buckholts landed at number 10 on the list with 741 stops per officer and 1,341 citations issued.

Finished in the second slot on the list was the city of Lott, Texas. Officers in Lott had 1,192 stops per-officer with 2,475 citations issued while our number one city in Texas was Rosebud. The PD in Rosebud had 1,385 stops per officer but only 1,001 citations issued in 2020.

That's four Central Texas towns in the top 11.

Don't get me wrong, the Police have their jobs to do and I have nothing but respect for the work they do, but those number were shocking.

There are some driving apps that can alert you to when you're driving over the speed limit. In fact, Waze users can even benefit from alerts telling you when a cop has been spotted. Not a bad way to avoid a speeding ticket.

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