It was a terrifying situation out of Orange County, Texas Thursday morning as a train derailment caused evacuations of nearby homes, and it was caught on video.

According to KHOU and our partners at News 10, the derailment took place near Mauriceville, Texas not far from the border of Louisiana. While there is still no clue on what the train was carrying, authorities urged nearby residents, schools and businesses to evacuate while hazmat crews investigate the scene as a precaution.


There's still no information on what was aboard the train or what caused it to derail, but thankfuly no injuries were reported.

The video was captured by Morgan LeBlanc, who was driving on a two-lane road next to the rail line when the rail cars began to fold and crash. The terrifying video can be seen above.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office also shared drone photos of the crash site with the rail cars piled on top of each other.



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