Did you know that not all Christmas trees may be compatible with the Texas climate? Not every tree can make the cut (no pun intended.) I'm gonna let you know which ones do, and are the best ones to look for in the state of Texas.

But First, Here's Why The Number Is Not So Big In Texas

There are many different types of Christmas trees growing all over the US. However,  Stan Reed, Executive Secretary of The Texas Christmas Tree Growers Association,  says that the hot summers and warm nights contribute to the fact that only a very few types of Christmas trees can be grown in Texas.

This Christmas

In another article I wrote, I shared the news about tree farmers in Central Texas having to close their farms to the public this year due to the lack of rain.  Well, due to inflation and drought, you're going to be looking at higher tree prices this year as well.

Here Are The Top 5 Christmas Trees Best Suited For Texas

The Virginia Pine

This particular Christmas tree is grown throughout Texas and is most popular in the South. its short needles, fragrance, and strong limbs for heavy ornaments make this type of tree a quick sell-out at most farms.

The Leyland Cypress

This one is a South and East Texas favorite. It's about to be my favorite and yours too, because it's perfect for people with allergies to tree pollen. Say what? Leyland Cypress, you had me at pollen. It's a hybrid, so it has no pollen. Hallelujah! Just rinse it with a hose when you get home and get to deckin'. Tip: If you keep it in water, it will outlast any other tree, and you won't have to worry about those little short needles getting all over the floor.

Afghan Pine

You can find this tree throughout the state. However, it is most popular in West Texas. It has a mild fragrance and sturdy branches that spread apart for a more open look.

The Carolina Sapphire, Arizona Cypress

They call it "blue ice." If you want to add a little luxe to your look, this tree has the silver-blue foliage that gives the look of frost. It is grown on a limited basis across Southern Texas. It's a looker for sure, but it also grows fast and smells good.

Eastern Red Cedar

This is your traditional Christmas tree. You can get this one anywhere, and most people go for this one because it's familiar. It's dense and has an amazing aroma. The green color is very pretty, and it has the best typical Christmas tree shape.

Don't Forget My Finder's Fee

Just kidding. Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind before and after you pick your perfect tree.

Make sure you know that it will fit in your designated space. Think of the size you want, measure the height, length and width you have to work with before hand.

Leave at least 6 inches between the top of the tree and the ceiling if you’re going tall.

Cut about a 1/2 an inch off of the bottom to allow for good water absorption.

When watering, leave an inch or two from the top of your tree stand.

Oh, and make sure you are watering the tree. You don't want it to become a fire hazard due to getting dry.

Need help finding your Texas Christmas tree?  Use TCTGA's online tool to find a tree farm near you. Thank you for coming to my K-Lew Talk. See you at the tree farm.

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