Tell a friend to tell a friend that Keith Lee TikTok food critic and overnight sensation is in the great state of Texas and he’s got an appetite. If you’re not familiar with who Keith Lee is exactly, his rise to fame was simply sitting on his beautiful baby girl’s paw patrol chair, Carter Lee, and giving his honest opinion on local restaurants in his city. Keith Lee’s popularity grew so quickly to the point where even A-list celebrities appreciated his talents.

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Recently, Keith Lee went viral once again for his opinion, on certain restaurants, but this time it didn’t go as well as it should for the city of Atlanta. Controversy became unavoidable and for a minute many people thought Keith Lee was going to throw in the food towel, but to our surprise, Keith Lee is in the great state of Texas continuing his reviews. Houston Texas to be exact.



Houston is usually the go-to city for delicious food. I lived in Houston Texas for six years and I’ve never found another city or state that had the culinary skills of Houston Texas. But you’re not here for my opinion you want to know what Keith Lee had to say. Keith Lee gave us words that will forever be remembered here in Texas. "Man, I love Houston" Keith Lee responded and I don’t blame him. Lee is still on the tour of Texas but as of right now, we have not disappointed. On behalf of myself and all Texans welcome to the great state Keith Lee we’re all big fans of yours and we can’t wait for you to continue to try it and rate the from one through 10 all over Texas.

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