Many of us know the app known as TikTok. The platform has grown quickly ever since its introduction in 2016, and Texas has even been among the states attempting to ban it. Some trends on the platform are fun and perfectly wholesome, but others can be reckless and dangerous.

We've recently talked about the Texas Bushman, who simply waits to scare an unsuspecting individual. We've also talked about the mispronunciation of Bu-cee's. However, while some trends are lighthearted, there are also trends that have brought concern.

One of the recent concerns we've mentioned before, which unfortunately resulted in the death of a young girl in Temple.

A popular TikTok trend involves harming others

FOX 29 In San Antonio reports that people are being shot with air soft water pellets. A man reported that his wife was hit with the pellets, resulting in a bruise on her arm. The man did not see who struck his wife with the pellets.

Four unidentified teens were also recently arrested for shooting the same pellets at individuals.

As bad as that story is, she was lucky to escape with just a bruise. As we reported earlier this year, some people have been much more severely wounded by the so-called "orbeez challenge".

Javier Salazar, the Bexar County Sheriff, simply stated about the previously mentioned challenge: "It goes beyond being just ill advised, It's just flat out stupid."

Salazar also stated that ,

"As far back as there's been there have been used, there have been silly challenges," he continued on, "Now, though, it's exacerbated so much so by the fact that, that on tick tock, everybody wants to be the next TikTok sensation"

So how do we combat these challenges?

It's important for all of us to realize that some things are better off not being recreated. So it's up to us to make sure we keep each other safe.

While you can't watch your kid like a hawk 24/7/365, you should be aware of their social media accounts, their access to electronics, and how much time they're spending online.

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You should have serious, grown-up conversations with them about the dangers of "chasing clout" for apps like TikTok and Instagram, and how what looks like a silly prank can seriously harm or even kill someone.

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