NBC became "must-see TV" in the 80's due to its killer list of sitcoms that introduced mainstream America to life in Black America in primetime with series like "The Cosby Show", "227", "A Different World" and the church sitcom "Amen".

Amen ran for 5 seasons from 1986 to 1991 and it starred Sherman Hemsley as "Deacon Frye", a lawyer who was also deacon of the First Community Church of Philadelphia. The pastor of the church is Reuben Gregory played by Clifton Davis and a majority of the series deals with Deacon Frye's daughter "Thelma" played by Anna Maria Horsford, fighting to catch the affection and attention of Pastor Gregory.

Throughout the series run, we all wondered if Thelma would EVER find the love she was looking for with Pastor Gregory and it finally happened, sort of, in season 4 in 1989. Thelma finally got her man, but if you remember the pastor passed out at the altar which freaked Thelma and she ran off to join the Army. After the Deacon gets her out of that predicament, she finally marries the Pastor and the episode "The Wedding" aired this week (February 3rd) in 1990.


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