While it may seem like it was just yesterday, Erykah Badu's "Tyrone" remains a classic song that ladies (and guys) still sing when they are getting rid of someone they no longer want to be with.

Call Tyrone is 20 today ... shouts out to @ndambi , Karen Bernard, and Joyce Hurtz. They were hitting that "CALL HIM". They had to be super alert because they never knew what I was going to do next on stage. Luckily we had played around with this tune as a joke in rehearsal the day before when Norman keys Hurts was messing around on the Rhodes. I freestyled the whole thing live the next night in DC. The girls hit that "call him " on cue with just a glance from me as a signal. We heard it on the radio the next day ...Crazy . Call Tyrone followed me thru my career like an obsessed X boyfriend. No matter how I tried to avoid it .. it was always there. I think that's how 3000 feels about 'hey ya!' I'm Blessed! Our son is also 20 today. Happy b day Seven and Tyrone.❤️💕🍭🍭🍭 Video repost from @e.baduworld

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Erykah took to her Instagram to tell the story of the song that's turning 20 years old this week and the fascinating thing that stands out is the fact that this song wasn't "planned" but started as a joke between her and her band. But the song quickly resonated with every one (men included, I keep pointing this out because guys front like they hate this song, but actually they see it for the masterpiece it is).

Happy Birthday to all the "Tyrone's" all over the world and also Happy Birthday to Erykah's son with OutKast's Andre 3000 Seven who also turns 20 as well!

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