Across the nation many people are unemployed and are desperately waiting on a third stimulus check.

According to a report from KHOU, the third stimulus check which is rumored to be $1,400 could be on President Biden's desk for approval by March 14. Coincidently,  that's the same day that benefits for those without jobs would expire.

With the pandemic of COVID-19, many people are struggling to make ends meet with so many layoffs and large number of people on unemployment. The first stimulus check, which was $1,200 for those who file as single on their taxes, ended up being not nearly enough to help the hardship we're facing.

A second stimulus was announced for $2,000 per single person, but the end result was only $600. Now President Biden is hoping to give Americans what they missed out on: $1,400.

On Thursday, the House Ways and Means Committee approved the third stimulus of $1,400 as well as monthly child tax credit payments. The payments would award parents with children under the age of 6 parents $300 per month - a total of $3,600 a year. Those with children ages 6-17 would get $250 per month for each child - a total of $3,000 per year.

The House Ways and Means Committee also would like to increase jobless aid benefits from $300 per week to $400 per week. Once again, the current unemployment benefits end on March 14, and the new proposal would extend those benefits until August 29.

According to Business Insider, Senate Democrats will use the budget reconciliation process to secure passage of this relief package.

I don't think anyone saw the pandemic lasting as long as it has, but now we have to face the facts. COVID-19 doesn't seem like it will disappear anytime soon, and the American people are in desperate need of assistance.

I hope that the proposal does land on Biden's desk by March 14, and that the necessary funds are distributed quickly.

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