It seems like recently we've seen a lot of Facebook statuses that end with "if you don't like it, delete me." With all the controversial things happening in society recently, there's definitely some differing views amongst friends. So, how can you tell if anyone really disliked your status enough to end the friendship? A new service has stepped in to let you know.

A new program called ‘Who Deleted Me.’ will take inventory of your Facebook friends and let you know who decided they didn't want to put up with your self-righteous views anymore. The app is available as an add-on for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers and can also be downloaded as an app for ios or Android.

It's a free extension and does even more than just tell you who delete you. You can also see who has deactivated their accounts and when the last log-in was for your friends. You're now able to take your Facebook stalking game to the next level!

To get the app for yourself, check out their website:

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