There seems to be a "Hall of Fame" for just about everything, including toys.

The National Toy Hall of Fame have named its 12 finalists for the 2020 class, and I would have thought that some of these would have already been inducted.

Here are the 12 finalists: Baby Nancy doll . . . BINGO. . . Breyer toy horses . . . Jenga . . . Lite-Brite . . . He-Man action figures . . . My Little Pony . . . Risk . . . sidewalk chalk . . . the game Sorry! . . . Tamagotchi . . . and Yahtzee.

C'mon, Lite Brite should have been in years ago, right? Along with My Little Pon, Sorry!, and Yahtzee. These are classics that every kid has had. So will they get in this year?

Four of the nominees this year were ones that didn't make the cut last year:  Jenga, He-Man, My Little Pony, and Risk.

The winners will be voted on by toy industry experts, plus there's public voting to be done at for the next week.

Around three of the 12 toys will wind up getting inducted.  They'll be announced on November 5th.

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