50 Cent has a tendency to poke and prod at anyone who dares to test his gangsta, but he is also pretty good at making jokes about himself, too. Over the years, Fif has posted pictures of himself on Instagram photoshopped as other famous celebrities including some of your favorite rappers.

Among the variety of images is a photoshopped picture of himself and Snoop Dogg. In the photo, Fif's face is placed over an old image of Snoop, while the Long Beach, Calif. rapper is rocking his 1990's signature braids.

The Queens native posted the image to his Instagram page in August 2019, writing, "My twin brother from Long Beach, be telling me fuck these Niggas cuz, Trip on em if you feel like it."

Another epic photoshop collaboration is of 50 Cent and 6ix9ine. In the fan-posted picture, 50 is made up with rainbow hair, a matching grill and a tattoo with the numbers 59 drawn on the side of his face.

In the caption accompanying the photo, the Instagram user explain the artwork. "We got 50's chain and 69's grillz which they wear in "Get The Strap" Check out link in Bio @50cent @6ix9ine #getthestrap," the fan wrote.

There is also an Australian street artist named Lushsux, who has spray-painted murals in the Melbourne-area of the rapper as other public figures such as Taylor Swift and Mike Tyson.

While some of the photos and murals include mashups of 50 as other MCs, there are also images of the rapper as President Donald Trump, actors from popular TV shows, athletes and other artists from varying genres of music.

Check out some of the funniest photoshopped and spray-painted images of 50 Cent as Joe Exotic from Netflix's Tiger King, Big Worm from Friday, Michael Jackson and more below.

  • 50 Cent as Donald Trump

  • 50 Cent as Post Malone

  • 50 Cent as Joe Exotic From Tiger King

  • 50 Cent as 6ix9ine

  • 50 Cent as Mike Tyson

  • 50 Cent as Bob Marley

  • 50 Cent as Martin Scorsese

  • 50 Cent as Big Worm From Friday

  • 50 Cent as Snoop Dogg

  • 50 Cent as Yung Joc

  • 50 Cent as Michael Jackson

  • 50 Cent as James Brown

  • 50 Cent as Odell Beckham Jr.

  • 50 Cent as Tyrion Lannister From Game of Thrones

  • 50 Cent as Don King

  • 50 Cent as Chairman Mao Zedong

  • 50 Cent as Taylor Swift

  • 50 Cent as Mike Tyson

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