Imagine checking your DMs on Instagram and seeing a message from the King of Pop. As you read the message you remind yourself, he died some years ago. You continue to read only to learn that he is alive, in another country and needs your help. This my friends is a story about me being DMed by the dead King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

I have to admit that I laughed out loud when I saw this message in my inbox. First of all, who has time to create a fake account and then start messaging people. Scammers do, exactly. When scammers go to the extreme to impersonate a dead person, I think that is pushing way to far over the edge. I have received messages from some of my dead family members and friends and I think that it really low. However, they were not world known stars like Michael Jackson.

So, back to the DM I received from Michael Jackson. What shocked me the most about this post is that the Michael Jackson impersonator suggested that he was very much alive, needed to get back to the United States so he could release more great music and needed me to CashApp him $600. I was like "what?!" Who is falling for this scam? This is worse that the woman who sent all of that money to the fake Bruno Mars, but at least he is alive.

I am going to reply back and ask them for the CashApp handle just to see what happens. I wonder how many people they have sent this message to and if they have succeeded at receiving $600 for anyone. I would like to believe that anyone receiving this message would know right off, this is fake and Michael Jackson is dead, God rest his soul.


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