We've been encouraging you to support local businesses during this pandemic crisis because they are the backbone of our economy and would really feel the pinch of any prolonged shutdown we definitely wouldn't tell you to do something that we weren't going to do ourselves.

So this weekend, I pulled up on the Killeen Food Park to check out a Louisiana cajun spot I've been hearing a lot about on social media called "Yeah She Rollin". Now you know I'm from Louisiana and I'm a sucker for Cajun food so I decided to try her out as she was one of the many restaurants that are open during this crisis.


I ordered what is called a "Yeah Delight" which is a cajun bisque over white rice with shrimp, chicken, and sausage, topped with green onions, Parmesan cheese and diced tomatoes. I also added on an order of Seafood Boudin balls.

Now Chef Trelly tried to warn me that her food was going to give me the itis (for those that don't know, the "itis" is a condition where good food puts you into a delicious coma shortly after consuming) and after the first bite, SHE WAS RIGHT. I felt the power of all the wonderful flavors combining to take me down but I had stuff to do so I had to eat it in phases.

The Boudin Balls were awesome as well, if you never had one, just imagine tender crab cakes with a little extra kick to them. But all in all, everything was amazing and you have got to go show "Yeah She Rollin" some love.

Check them out on Facebook at Yeah She Rollin and swing by the Killeen Food Park sometime and show all those amazing food trucks some love!

Don't forget, if you are OPEN for BUSINESS during the COVID-19 pandemic in Central Texas, let us know about it! Click on the button below and fill out the form to let our listeners know that you are open!

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