While bars remain closed during this pandemic, restaurants in Central Texas have been allowed to reopen and serve alcohol as long as they are keeping their capacity under 25 percent. There are a few great restaurants that are open and serving drinks including the popular Palmeras Tex-Mex Con Sabor in Harker Heights.

Now I'm not a "drinker" per se, but I worked as a bartender before so I'm always intrigued by drink concoctions and mixes. I normally wouldn't even ask for the drink menu while going out to dinner but sometimes I see something on the menu that catches my eye and I gotta try it. The Cubano at Palmeras definitely got my attention.

With its ingredients described as "Bacardi, Lime and Mint", the Cubano at Palmeras was a truly refreshing and delicious drink that if you're not careful, you'll be asking for seconds or thirds then you'll be asking for Uber to pick you up. From the first sip to the last you won't taste a hint of Barcardi, but you'll enjoy the lime and mint flavors for sure as its smooth taste goes down easy and the buzz comes pretty quickly.

Palmeras Tex Mex Con Sabor is located in the Market Heights Shopping Plaza and they are open daily for you to dine in, pickup or delivery. Don't forget to drink responsibly friends and always have a designated driver.


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