The Chicken Sandwich battle is upon us. Every fast-food chain is serving some chicken sandwich to win over our hearts and taste buds.

I personally will order a chicken sandwich over a burger most times.

Let us start from the source; the question is who started the chicken battle?

I think Popeyes started it with their chicken sandwich. I can recall Popeyes promoting their Chicken sandwich, which started a social media frenzy to the point I had to try one out.

Mcdonalds, Burger King, and Wendy's even Taco bell have a chicken sandwich on their menu, which absurd because they were known for their burgers when they started.

Chick-Fil-A has always been known for its original Chicken Sandwich, which started back in the 1940s, but Zaxby has joined the Chicken sandwich craze.

Let us not forget the popular Texas chain Whataburger has a pretty good chicken sandwich.

I believe I tried every fast-food chain chicken sandwich except Taco bell. I can't do it; I have to draw the line somewhere.

National Chicken Sandwich Day is on November 9th of this year. Whether you like your chicken sandwich regular or spicy or dressed up or just plain with chicken and bread and maybe some sauce.

The Chicken Sandwich will be around for a long time. I will participate in the chicken battle and decide where to get a chicken sandwich—preferably a spicy one.

Wherever you decide to get a chicken sandwich, even if it's not from a fast-food chain, Happy Chicken Sandwich eating!!!!

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