Just like you, I saw that disgusting and nasty video of some woman in a grocery store licking and then returning a carton of Blue Bell Ice Cream to a store shelf. Condemnation and outrage has been swift as some are calling for the woman to be arrested and, like everything else in these social media days, have inspired copy cats to do the same dumb s**t.

To be honest with you, I wasn't THAT outraged. Hell, I was more "meh" than anything because we live in a time where stupidity is in high fashion. While I do hope some sort of punishment is handed down to folks that do this kind of sick stuff, we recently asked YOU on our Facebook page "Should Blue Bell start sealing their products or is the natural seal good for you?".

There were a lot of answers and some debate but it is MY OPINION (remember kids, opinions should be based on FACTS and this opinion is based on one) that Blue Bell already has the answer to that question: YES they ALREADY ARE SEALING THEIR PRODUCTS. That's if you pay attention.

You see, having already dealt with the "Blue Bell Listeria Scare" a few years back, I knew that there was only ONE kind of Blue Bell Ice Cream to purchase from here on out because, like I stated earlier, Blue Bell already seals this particular product to prevent any kind of tampering. Its the ONLY brand and type of Blue Bell I buy and these recent idiots have confirmed that my thinking was correct.

Ladies and gentlemen, put an end to the debates and arguments about what should be done because the solution is clear and in stores RIGHT now:

Blue Bell Creameries
Blue Bell Creameries

Already "sealed", enough for the whole family to enjoy. Don't overthink this yall.


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