Events with Amey, who is a two-time award-winning Entrepreneur who is from right here in Central, Texas is definitely an individual who believes in the term teamwork makes the dream work.

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What I love about this particular entrepreneur is she makes sure to host events with some of the most successful businesswomen in Central Texas, but also makes sure to include other female entrepreneurs who are wanting to learn and network with individuals which turns each female entrepreneur into a powerhouse. Events with Amey wants to see up-and-coming and established business owners win, not only individually but together and you have to love her for that.


Diverse multi-ethnic women. Different women: African, Asian, Chinese, European, Latin American, Arab. Women different nationalities and cultures. The struggle for rights, independence, equality, diversity.
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On August 6 Sunday, the Boss Lady Brunch is back and it's better than ever! The event gives an opportunity for women who have similar hustles and aspirations to come together and network properly. How could you not love that? If you’ve never been to Events with Amey Brunch, you truly are missing out and this opportunity really is something any female entrepreneur should take advantage of. This year I have been honored to host this event and to be honest, I can’t wait to see all the boss ladies show up and show out. Rose Gold will be the dress code for the event, and for more information, please contact Events With Amey here. If you’re ready to be inspired and motivated, let’s talk over brunch, the 2023 Boss Lady Brunch is here!


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