Killeen, Texas is literally the next-door neighbor to the largest base in the United States. So if you’re from the city of Killeen, more than likely it’s because your parents retired here after serving in the military.

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The city of Killeen takes pride in acknowledging the soldiers and continuously letting them know that they have our support and love. Soldiers go on the front lines every day to protect not only their selves but the entire nation and we are so appreciative of that! The city of Killeen is showing its appreciation for the military by partnering up with the National Mounted Warrior Museum that’s going to future feature over 40 military veterans in an effort to highlight our hometown heroes throughout the month of November.

Michael A. Cantu, KWTX
Michael A. Cantu, KWTX

The banners were hung up Monday, November 7, and are a part of an effort to honor local active duty, retired, or veterans who served at Fort Hood at any time. These amazing soldiers will be highlighted for the Veterans Day holiday which is November 11. The city of Killeen says all photos were submitted to the National Mounted Warrior museum by relatives, friends, or service members. The city invites the community to come out and view the banners and take photos as we show our appreciation for those who signed up to pay the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Paying homage to these brave soldiers in my opinion is a must! For more information about the historic downtown and what’s happening, please visit


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