There's an old saying that there is no crying in baseball. There ought not to be any fistfights, road rage incidents, or fatal shootings either.

It's a story that is breaking hearts in the Crossroads area as many of our listeners take the same trip to Houston that David Xavier Castro and his family made last Tuesday, but most trips to the ballpark turn into happy memories. Sadly, that is not the case in this instance.

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Texas Teen Dies Following Tuesday Night Shooting

Both KPRC and KSAT have new information following a Tuesday evening shooting that happened as fans left Minute Maid Park following an Astros baseball game.

17-year-old David Xavier Castro and his family got into an argument with another individual following the Astros game, and the whole thing escalated into a road rage incident that turned into a shooting. David's father, Paul Castro, describes the shooter's vehicle as a white 4-door Buick with a sunroof. As Paul drove his family, the suspect got into an exchange that seems to have happened at a traffic light. Paul goes on to explain in a story shared by KSAT that the driver then followed his pickup truck down the road. When paul would speed up so would the driver. When Paul slowed his truck down, the Buick also reduced speed as to stay behind the family. As shots rand out, the rear window of the Castro's pick-up was blasted out. Paul was soon forced to make a u-turn and head for a hospital to save his injured son.

Houston Mayor Asks for Public's Help

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has asked the residents of Houston to help police identify the vehicle and the person driving it as part of this incident was captured on various security cameras. Photos of the suspect's vehicle and the Mayor's comments can be seen in this video.

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