Seeing this story being told of an educator having a stroke in Van, Texas, and how she needed emergency brain surgery triggered deja vu in a very strong way for me especially how the events have since unfolded. The day started like most others have for Heidi Moore over the last 25 years, but today her days are very different.

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On Tuesday, October 10th while in front of her Van Middle School fifth grade class, Moore began to suffer from a stroke. Her student Bo Penny ran down the hall to get help from the school nurse, and she was rushed to the emergency room.

Some would consider it a miracle for Moore to still be with us today, and she believes there is a greater calling from the challenge she has gone through. Van is a small community with a little more than 2,500 residents, and Moore is so thankful for how the community has rallied around her.

How does someone make a comeback from experiencing a stroke?

Getting moving again is very important in the recovery process, but so is knowing your limitations and getting plenty of rest. Statistically, one in four stroke survivors will experience another stroke.


The key is to put as much distance between your first stroke and another, and that requires several lifestyle choices.

Why did this stroke story give me deja vu?

My own mother was a relatively young and healthy career educator that experience a stroke on a Tuesday morning (the day after Labor Day). She also taught in a town of about 2,000 residents, and I am happy to share that she returned to teaching after Christmas break that same school year.

Moore hopes to return to teaching this school year too. Read more in this CBS19 article.

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