In Texas, we take our tacos very seriously, no matter where in the state they happen to be created.

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That could be why last week's video joking about the popular food item went viral on TikTok with people getting defensive about the suggestion that San Antonio, Texas tacos will give you diabetes.

Texas Tacos

The TikToker didn't leave out other major Texas cities in his video, including Dallas and Austin in his comments as well. He described how San Antonio taco makers will fry corn tortillas, wrap them in a flour tortilla, and then smother everything with cheese (after adding the basics like meat and tomatoes). He also mentioned that you should not to forget to pair your taco with a Big Red soft drink.

Comments Gone Wild

According to My San Antonio, the video blew up on TikTok, receiving over 1.2 million views and around 115,000 likes. In the comments, however, people defended their cities, especially citizens of San Antonio.

When someone asked why Houston tacos weren't mentioned, Viva Texas responded "I got y’all in part 2 and the breakfast video." One person commented, "I'm a San Antonio native and have NEVER heard of the taco you announced from SA!!" Responses to that statement included "Came here to say the same thing! But honestly no one can compare to our BREAKFAST TACOS!"

Out of 8103 comments, some were in agreement with the video, including @Sketchychef, who has over 29,000 followers. Sketchychef commented, "I've lived all over Texas - This is Spot on True ! The 956 Tacos made me into the Woman I am today."

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