Texas wildlife is certainly something to behold, isn't it? As a new resident of the state, I recently remember hearing a scratching noise outside my apartment complex the other night. When I looked out my window to investigate, I saw a fox run by.

To say it's been a while since I've seen a fox run by me is an understatement. To be honest, I hadn't even seen a fox in real life for a while. But that's what makes Texas rather interesting. But with so many interesting parts of wildlife in the state, there's other creatures that could make life a little more...well, disgusting to be honest.

We've talked about bugs in the past that you should outright avoid in the state of Texas, since the state has a city that is number one for bugs in the nation. But are there are also bugs that cause, more than anything, minor inconveniences.

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One Of Those Bugs? Aphids.

These little creatures, according to NBC DFW, are around and leaving trails of their journeys across various areas. Some are even trekking on our cars and leaving sticky goo. But what is it exactly they're leaving behind?

As it turns out, aphids leave behind honeydew, which is what the "goo" is called by a expert who spoke to NBC DFW. But another question remains.

Why Is It In Abundance Right Now?

Well, in normal circumstances, we wouldn't really notice the goo as much. But Texas is in another bout with a drought. And according to the expert, because of the drought, the goo has become more prominent.

But it's important to note that the goo is easily removable from one's car. Simply splashing water on it will dissolve it rather quickly. And as for the aphids, ladybugs find them as a tasty snack, so hopefully soon rain and ladybugs will help with the honeydew overflow.

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