Technology is abundant in the age we live in. If you walk around Texas and somehow don't find a smart device around you, you may need to document the moment in time somehow. (With your smart device!) But with smart devices in abundance, there's the possibility for distractions as well.

One place that the distractions are seemingly happening once most of the time is in school. With things such as texting and social media, teachers have reported these items interrupting learning at the institutions. To help alleviate the distractions, some Texas school districts have taken steps to stop them.

School Districts In Texas Requiring Devices To Be Put Away

According to KXAN, both Richardson Independent School District and Thorndale Independent School District have required some type of removal of electronic devices. In both districts, the program, known as Yondr, gives student a pouch to carry their items in during the day. The pouch is locked at the beginning of the day, and then unlocked when school is finished for the day.

Reports from Thorndale, according to KXAN, showing an increase in engagement and less distractions. However in both Richardson and Thorndale, parents have expressed worries regarding emergency situations.

Parents' Concerns

One unnamed parent when interviewed by KXAN regarding Richardson said the following:

“The thing I don’t like about it like if something horrible happens in school, they won’t be able to get to the phone."

Meanwhile in Thorndale, another unnamed parent expressed similar sentiments:

“While we don’t think they should be out during class, having them locked up creates more of a safety hazard."

Both districts have reported they have protocols in place in case an emergency happens. Would you be alright with schools required students to put away devices during school days? Let us know by sending a message using the chat feature on our free station app.

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