When was the last time you had a really foul experience in one of Texas's many cities, and was it something that surprised you, or something that you have come to expect? Recently a Business Insider article ranked the 50 largest cities by their rudeness from a survey of nearly 2,100 US adults.

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You can immediately see where Lone Star Staters would get defensive by the prospect of being called rude. Sure, we don't have a hipster verb like Midwest Nice to describe our residents, but we do have, "Bless your heart."

How did Texas land 4 on the list of America's rudest cities?

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We literally tell people to, "Drive friendly - the Texas way," because our state motto is Friendship, and the origin of the name is believed to be from a Caddo Indian word meaning friend. So, the idea that we have even one rude city can be something that is mind blowing to a Texan, but this is simply a numbers game.

What are the 4 Texas cities deemed to be the rudest in America?

The list is more exactly a ranking of the 50 largest cities in the United States based on rudeness. Since Texas has 4 of the 50 largest cities, they were all ranked by the survey.

Here are were the 4 Texas cities ranked among the 50 largest cities in America:

  1. San Antonio was 38th.
  2. Houston was 18th.
  3. Austin was 16th.
  4. Dallas was 14th.

All four cities had no more than about 1 in 15 saying it was the rudest city the surveyed person had ever visited. So, it looks like Texas is still plenty friendly.

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