Have you ever been driving in Texas and your first instinct is to say F you? If you ask me, road rage is at an all-time high. Just a few days ago, there were two road rage-related shootings in Houston. It seems like we see more of these stories every year.

The American Psychological Association says that the main cause of road rage is environmental factors exacerbating the anger and impulsiveness of someone who's already inclined to be aggressive and a risk-taker behind the wheel. Does that apply to you?

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Certain psychological factors including displaced anger and high life stress are also linked to road rage. In addition, studies have found that people who experience road rage are more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs.


I’m not gonna lie - sometimes I get a little bit of road rage on the highway, and maybe  I feel like a nice glass of beer or a shot afterward. Road rage makes me feel like I want to fight everybody on this highway right now and I don’t care where, or what the consequences are. Hence the word rage.


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I wanted to know which city has the worst road rage so I can be extra careful there.

You see those "Drive Friendly The Texas Way" signs and think, "Yeah, we're a Southern hospitality state, so how bad could it be?".

Well, I can reassure you that all of that is thrown out the window when you are in Houston, which honestly makes all the sense in the world. I lived in the city of Houston, and I can believe it when World Atlas says its Texas' road rage capital.  Even though it’s number eight in the US, it’s number one in our state, which I don't think comes as a shock to anyone.

Houston might be the worst city to drive in besides Dallas. In fact, my friend Noah recently told me it's the Texas city with the worst drivers as well, which probably explains all the road rage. (The Woodland, a community just north of Houston, has the best drivers in Texas. Maybe they're just relieved to be out of that city.)

Houston's roads are confusing, crowded, and full of awful, angry drivers, so be extra careful if you have to take a trip through there. Road rage sometimes ends up getting people hurt or killed, so if you're the sort of person who usually flips out and gets mad, try to relax a little and ask yourself if it's worth it.

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