Doesn't it always seem like the hotter it is outside, the less patience is displayed by drivers out on the roadways? 

Well, it's been pretty close to 100 all week so maybe this shouldn't be much of a surprise. The video above shows the driver of the Hummer refusing to allow an 18-wheeler to pass him by.

Law enforcement reports the driver of the Hummer says he became upset when the truck driver tossed a can out the window and struck his vehicle. The video above is from

Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter is exactly correct in his statement, 

There's no reason to be endangering the entire motor public on the Interstate just because of the empty can or a can that was thrown out. It didn't cause any damage to a vehicle

Motorists started to call police as the 18-wheeler and the Hummer kept it going as they flew down the road. Police caught up to them. Officers told that had they witnessed the behavior of the person operating the Hummer first hand, they would have taken the driver straight to jail.

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