Now, normally when you're looking for a new home or a property, you'll find photos like the one above pretty much dominating the landscape. But one Texas realtor found that the standard photos of "empty rooms" wasn't getting any attention, so she took things to another level and it gained lots of results - good and bad.

According to KTRK, realtor Kristin Gyldenege was having trouble getting potential home buyers to check out a home listing in Conroe, so she hired two fitness models wearing just their underwear and had them do poses around the home's interior. Super creative right?

The photos worked an traffic and attention for the listing shot way up, BUT it's mainly due to folks getting upset over the racy photos. My guess is it was probably other realtors and home sellers in the area complaining that THEY didn't think of the idea first.

After getting flooded with complaints, The Houston Association Of Realtors took down the photos from their website (like I said earlier, probably other realtors mad that they didn't think of the idea), but Gyldenege still ended up finding a buyer and the home is now sold.

"When I found out I had 100 complaints, I'm like 'Sweet, that's like 10,000 people that have seen it,'" Kristin Gyldenege via KTRK.

There's truly no such thing as "bad" publicity in this day and age, and that's all that matters.

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