As the temperature starts to heat up in Central Texas we have seen some of the wildest things.

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I literally put an egg on the ground to see if it would fry and guess what Central Texas - it turned into scrambled eggs quicker than you could say ouch that's hot!

So, what does that tell you? That concrete and asphalt is incredibly hot, and no one knows that better than a pet who's forced to walk on it it in the summer heat.


Dog injured foot, Look at the dog's foot because of injury, Maybe caused by stepping on sharp objects on a concrete floor.
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So if the temperature is that hot, can you imagine how it feels to walk on that type of concrete?

Now most Texans know better than to walk on the concrete barefoot during these times due to the fact of it could burn the heels of your feet right off, but what about our pets in Central Texas?

A lot of times we forget that our furry babies are also going through the heat wave with us and we have to make sure that they are protected as well.


I was hanging out in a private Facebook group lately, and folks were sharing stories of the mistakes they'd made with their pets, which resulted in them ending up with burns, blisters, and wounds due to the heat. They learned the hard way, so I'm hoping that my reminder will spare some other poor babies this harsh lesson at the hands of forgetful humans.



Dog foot wounds problems in walking he sleep on wood bed.
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Taking your little buddy out for walks is important. It lets them explore and smell things, which keeps their minds active and sharp. It also gives them a chance to bond with you, socialize, and have fun.

That said, you should always be mindful of where they're walking. You want to keep their little paws off the hot pavement and in cool grass. If your neighborhood doesn't have a lot of grassy areas for walking, why not hop in the car and drive to a local park or nature trail?

If you do, make sure you take some water for yourself and your little friend. Dogs need to stay hydrated in this heat just as much as you and I.

Does your dog mostly stay outside? If so, please, please make sure they have plenty of shade and shelter during the day, lots of fresh, clean water, and toys to play with and keep them stimulated.

Most importantly of all, PLEASE - NEVER leave your pet alone in a hot car. You know that temperatures in that vehicle can escalate quickly, so even if you think you're just making a fast trip into a store, you're leaving your poor pet to suffer in ways you would never wish on any other member of your family.

For everyone who is familiar with Central Texas, we are aware that the heat is more than likely going to get worse until September, so let’s just try our best to be considerate of our fur babies.

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