When I first saw this video, I found myself screaming followed by a series of expletives I wouldn't say in front of kids. Let this video be ANOTHER reminder to DRIVE WITH PRECAUTION as we start another school year.

According to KHOU, Josephine Kirk-Taylor was recording video of her 5-year-old daughter Melina getting off the bus for her first day of kindergarten. Kirk-Taylor thought the school bus would stop on the same side of the street where she was standing with Melina's younger siblings. But it didn't.

As Melina is getting off the school bus and starting to cross the street, a small blue Toyota sedan blows past, ignoring the bus's extended stop sign and flashing light. Kirk-Taylor saw the car coming and screamed "No! Wait, wait wait! Stop!". Thankfully Melina stopped before the car could strike her.

The video captured the driver's license plate as it zoomed by and Kirk-Taylor contacted Houston police to give them the information but police said that there’s no way to positively identify who may have been behind the wheel. Reports said that an officer needs to see someone illegally pass a school bus in order to cite them.

According to Texas law, drivers have to stop when a school bus extends its stop sign or when it turns on its flashing red lights. Breaking these laws will land you a fine up to $1,250 and, unlike other traffic tickets, it can't be taken away with defensive driving classes.

Once again PLEASE drive with precaution, SLOW DOWN or STOP when you see kids in the vicinity of a school bus. Drive like YOUR kids are around the area.

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