Is it just me, or are we slowly turning into "Florida" here in Texas? Besides that, have you noticed that the bugs have been crazy as the temps get cooler? One man took extreme measures to get rid of his bug problem and nearly killed himself in the process and caused the "bomb team" to come out.

According to KHOU, a Montgomery County man is in critical condition in a Houston hospital after he blew his house up in an attempt to "kill bugs" that the man claims were crawling all over his body. But the guys method of going about exterminating the bugs has everyone "scratching" (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist) their heads.


According to the report the man sprayed his entire body down with BRAKE CLEANER FLUID then used a vacuum cleaner to clean up the bug carcasses. A spark from the vacuum ignited the fumes of the flammable brake cleaner fluid causing an explosion that blew out a wall in his double wall trailer.

Firefighters found the man naked, with second and third-degree burns over most of his body and he was taken to Hermann Memorial Hospital in Houston in critical condition. Police believe that drugs or alcohol may have been involved.

Just invest in some Raid next time.

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