If the stars and moons align correctly, someone or a group of folks could walk away with nearly an estimated BILLION dollars over the next 48 hours as the Texas Lottery's biggest national games countdown to picking the winning numbers beginning tonight.

Tonight's (October 16) Mega Millions drawing has an estimated jackpot of $654 Million dollars while Wednesday (October 17) nights Powerball drawing has an estimated jackpot of $345 million dollars and both of those totals are expected to climb as the rush begins to get in on these huge jackpots.

Of course these are the annualized payout amounts and if you choose the cash options, expect to see your Mega Millions jackpot go down to $372 Million while Powerball's cash option gets you $199 Million as they stand right now.

Good luck and remember the author of this article if you win, feel free to stop by our office to deliver a tip if you so choose.

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