I’m almost certain that Texas was not the only state to grow up with little innocent kissing games. Now that I’m a little older, I don’t find the games to be that innocent and I definitely don’t want my child playing them, but hey, it was the 90s - what can I say? I remember growing up and they were games like suck and blow, hide and go get it, and last but definitely not the most perverted of them, all the kissing tag.

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Young Caucasian heterosexual kissing near the marry-go-round in the park
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In this day and age that we live in now, you can’t offend anybody for anything. In some aspects I do feel like a lot of the world now is a lot more sensitive than it was when I was growing up, but I also can understand certain things in certain situations being offensive to a person.

Growing up for me, kissing was harmless. A peck on the cheek or even on the lips just met you and I like each other. However, Texas is definitely one of those states that don’t play around when it comes to any sexual activities that could be traumatic for people. Consent is everything.

You can find yourself in a lot of trouble for a lot of things if you’re not considerate of others' feelings. I had to know, can you receive serious jail time for kissing someone?


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Consent Is Everything

According to Aslettlaw.com, kissing a person without their consent is assault by contact.

Depending on the severity, it could be considered a class C misdemeanor, which doesn’t necessarily mean jail time, but if you consider committing this crime, you could find yourself at a maximum punishment of a $500 fine. (Keep in mind we're talking about a kiss. When things escalate, so do the severity of the charges.)

No, Kids Can't Consent

That assault is in reference to adults. If you find yourself kissing a minor in Texas, it could be considered a second-degree felony according to planyourdefense.com. You could serve between 2 and 20 years in prison, plus face a fine of up to $10,000. (In this case, there's no "they consented argument" because we're talking about children. Sadly, many adults who assault children try to play the "they wanted it" card.)

Kissing a minor could be as punishable as having not only a $10,000 fine but you can also find yourself with a jail term of 2 to 20 years.

Keep Your Lips to Yourself

So the next time you’re thinking about giving someone a kiss, first make sure that it’s consensual. Don't just assume you can lay a kiss on the person next to you at a New Year's Eve party, or just kiss some stranger at a party.

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