It has been one of the hot topics so far in 2019 and it just got hotter. Remember a few weeks back we told you about a parent at a Texas high school who got turned away because of her outfit? If you need a refresher, click on the button below.

Well that same school, James Madison High School in Houston, posted a letter to the school's website informing parents that a "dress code" was now in place according to KHOU. If parents don't comply, they will not be allowed on campus.

According to KHOU, the letter was posted to the school's website shortly after the alleged incident involving Joselyn Lewis where she claims she was turned away from the school after an administrator told her that her outfit was out of "dress code".

The dress code prohibits satin caps, shower caps, pajamas, revealing clothing, sagging pants, among other things.

Once again the topic has everyone divided right down the middle. Some folks find the dress code "insulting" while others applaud the school's actions as a way to hold parents to the same standard as the students.

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