Growing up in the South, grits were going to be something that were always placed on the table for breakfast. In case you're new, grits are made from ground corn, which usually isn’t very sweet but is very filling. A lot of times, grits were substituted for different meals in a lot of family homes if they were going through times, and that's because grits are a substance that sticks to the ribs.

There are all types of different ways to request a nice bowl of grits. Some people even prefer fish and grits, shrimp and grits, and cheese grits. Southerners can all agree that they love a good bowl of grits, but it all gets a little tricky when you start adding other condiments to your grits, like sugar or salt.


The age old question of whether to put salt or sugar in grits can, for some, determine whether or not they're going to trust or ever speak to a person again. It's serious business.

Ok, I'm kidding, but most Southerners have had a serious conversation about it at least once in their lives.

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Full disclosure: my family has always put salt and pepper on grits. The savory taste of grits mixed in with the salt, pepper, and maybe a nice sausage patty on the side, is just heaven in your mouth!

My family would not dare even think of making grits a sweet and savory situation. I’m not eating sugar on my grits -end of discussion. If I put sugar on my grits, I might as well grab a box of cream of wheat instead, and I don’t eat cream of wheat either.

I may face some backlash over this, and maybe I've lost some friends on Team Sugar, but that's ok. I can take it.

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I always assumed people who put sugar in the grits were from up north, but I've learned in recent years that that there are people who've spent their entire lives in the South who like stirring in a spoonful of sugar.

In fact, I recently noticed in a private group on social media that the "salt or sugar" question had blown up into a heated debate, which inspired me to write this article.

I will not look at you differently if you put sugar in your grits, and I hope you don’t look at me any different if I want to put salt in mine. At the end of the day, we’re all Texans, and we both have the same objective, which is to enjoy a nice bowl of grits (even if you want to be weird about it).



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