We've seen folks go to great extremes and take great personal risk to get the perfect photo for social media. Some folks have been seriously hurt, and in some cases have lost their their lives trying to get that one photo that they believe will take them to viral fame.

One Texas grandma almost suffered a similar fate, but luckily she's okay.

According to ABC News, Texas grandmother Judith Streng was touring Iceland with her son last week when they saw a big chunk of ice shaped like a throne that had washed up on a beach. She decided to sit on it while her son took a picture. As she was posing for the photo, a large wave rolled in and swept the chunk of ice she was sitting on out into the freezing sea.

As she was being swept away, her son Rod could do nothing but take more photos. Fortunately, a boat captain who saw the whole thing unfold was nearby and was able to rescue her.

Judith's granddaughter posted the photos to Twitter, and now grandma's gone viral after everyone had a good laugh and found out that she's safe and sound.

Come on back to Texas, Judith, where you don't have to worry about those pesky ice blocks carrying you out into the Gulf.


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