That's one way to make an impression on the first day.

The first day of school can be nerve racking for everybody. The kids especially and for you first time parents as well. For the parents who have been dealing with the first day for a few years now, you're probably thankful to get the kids out of the house. Everyone always preps for the first day. Got to have the right outfit, don't want to do anything stupid.

Over at James Williams Elementary in Katy, Texas. A little girl made quite the first impression. She got to ride a pony up to school. I have to imagine all the other girls in the school were quite jealous. "How come I don't get to ride a pony?" I'm sure was uttered by at least one child the other day.


Hopefully no parents complained about this, but I am sure at least one Karen somewhere had a problem with a pony being on school grounds. Gonna be hard to top this one next year Dad. What are you gonna do stretch limo, helicopter drop off, or maybe a parade?

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