Two years ago, Harris County deputies stopped 21-year-old Charneisha Corley for running a stop sign, insisted they smelled marijuana, then allegedly held her down and conducted a cavity search on her in the parking lot of a convenience store.

Two of the deputies were cleared of criminal charges and a third never charged at all, according to KRIV. Charneisha's attorney and community members who have seen dashcam footage of the incident are now questioning why the deputies were cleared, and Corley is suing the Harris County Sheriff's Office in Federal Court. Her attorney, Sam Cammack, is calling for an independent prosecutor.

The three deputies are still on duty, but KRIV reports that they could be placed on administrative leave. Corley's attorney is calling the act sexual assault by police.

When Cammack described the act to KRIV he said, "This same officer body slammed Miss Corley, stuck her head underneath the vehicle and completely pulled her pants off, leaving her naked and exposed in that Texaco parking lot".

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