Everything is bigger in Texas, especially the wildlife. Out here we have some of the scariest animals you could probably ever encounter, but it might surprise you to learn that one of the deadliest creatures in the world lives here, and it's teeny tiny.

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From a global statistical standpoint, you’re most likely to die as a result of an experience with this animal more than any other, and guess what ladies and gentlemen - it is not a snake.

In fact, you probably wouldn't even hear it coming. (At least a rattlesnake is kind enough to warn you.)

According to Statista, this particular animal doesn’t make a loud noise, doesn't have big fangs, and couldn't trample you.

It strikes silently, and you don't even know you're being preyed upon until it's too late.


The deadliest animal in the world based on the number of human deaths per year is the mosquito.

Surprised? Well, you shouldn't be. This pesky creature can carry all sorts of disgusting and potentially deadly vector-borne diseases, the most successfully lethal of which is malaria. The World Health Organization reports that mosquitos are responsible for around 725,000 human deaths every year, and malaria accounts for about 600,000 of those deaths.

For the sake of scale and comparison, snakes only account for about 100,000 deaths worldwide each year.

Aedes aegypti Mosquito

Sadly, Texas is among the states with the highest number of mosquitos, and you could easily pick up West Nile virus or zika, both of which can make you excruciatingly ill and cause all sorts of not-so-fun complications.


We all know how mosquitoes breed and can be a real nuisance around spring and summer here in Texas. The CDC has some handy tips on how to protect yourself, as well as how to help control the spread of mosquitos both indoors and out.

One that people often forget about is being sure not to let any water accumulate in things outside and just sit there for a long period of time. Mosquitos love laying eggs there, so you be diligent and don't accidently become a mosquito rancher.

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